Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I posted this on facebook the other day. It's a sign from the Rally to Restore Sanity, and it really says a lot of what I feel about this anti-tax sentiment. Yes, isn't it a bummer to part with money you earned. I get my (small) paycheck, a lot of it goes to taxes. I particularly love the cranky old people who treat me like I am less of a human while my hard work slowly funnels thousands of dollars into their social security checks. However, I understand this is PART OF THE DEAL.

As a child, you worry very little, if at all, about taxes. You may hear your parents grumbling about it, but you probably take for granted all the things in your life that are tax dollars at work. You probably ride public transportation on a public road to a public school. If something bad happens to you, you call 9-1-1. House catches on fire? Need an ambulance? All those who would assist you are paid by taxes. Countless other things we have come to depend on, are all financed by us taxpaying citizens. So, pat yourself on the back taxpayer, we live in the richest society in the world.

Only, people aren't satisfied. They want it all, but don't want to pay for it. They vote down legistlation to tax, and bitch when things aren't good enough for them. Which brings me to the most recent election. Locally we had a few things on the ballot that would've provided a better standard of life for Washington residents. And a few that ties the state's hands. Guess how things turned out?

Initiative 1052: another shit-tastic piece of work from the biggest asshole in WA, Tim Eyman. The passing of 1052 means that now the state legistlature must have a 2/3 majority to change any tax law. With the political climate how it is now, this means NOTHING will be able to be done. Combine this with 1107, which repealed taxes on candy and bottled water (otherwise known as shit you don't need), puts the state in a 4.8 BILLION DOLLAR SHORTFALL for next year. REALLY? You guys can't afford to pay the extra 8 cents on your candy bar?

Add that little greed to the failing of 1098, which would've set aside millions for education and only taxed people making over 200k a year. But oh, can't do that. No. Who needs better education? Not WA students. For the record, if I were making that much a year, I'd willinglingly kick in a few extra bucks here and there to support our kids.

I don't understand where this greed comes from. I feel like it comes from those who have already "got theirs" and just don't care about the rest of the nation. And they paint those who do care for others as "socialists" (which is somehow a bad word these days)

I'm willing to pay more taxes to improve my quality of life and of those around me. And if that makes me a bleeding-heart liberal, well...alrighty then.

Monday, November 8, 2010


I found this image when perusing around in the "Reinstate Keith Olbermann" page on Facebook (he has since been reinstated, by the way. Looks like Mr. Griffin had a little realization about ratings?) It just makes me laugh. Pretty much sums up the state of political discourse lately. Surely the biggest challenge after the "lame-duck" session of congress will be how to get anything done with a split congress.

The mainstream media likes to compare past and present, but I think every congress is a little different. I think there will be a strain not only between left and right, but right and right. You have a huge influx of freshman congressmen and women who's primary allegiance is to the tea party, not necessarily the republican establishment. So who do they get behind? Jim DeMint or Mitch McConnell? This doesn't really look good for bipartisanship. Considering the midterms basically wiped out all of those "blue-dog democrats" who strove to find middle ground with moderate republicans (also few of those now), it seems like this congress is going to be pretty polarized. I think this plays politically well for the Democrats, if and only if they can get in line and make it clear what they want to do. Democrats have a bit of a message problem, and a bigger problem in communicating their NUMEROUS successes. Check out THIS for a comedic list of said accomplishments.

If President Obama and the Democratic party can get a little better at bragging about their accomplishments, the 2012 elections look good, presidentially and taking-back-congress wise. There is a lot of work to be done. For instance, you can't really brag about healthcare until you have cleaned up some of the misinformation about it that is still out there (death panels making a comeback, oh my!). Republicans are going to always have a slight advantage in this field because there is no mistaking the fact that Fox's lineup is in the bag for the Republicans. Millions of dollars and free campaigning in the bag.
I would reccomend the Obama administration be proactive about this. Don't begin the campaign today, you still have lots of work to be done, However, get your message out. Rallies, appearences, youtube videos? Rekindle the fire of 2008 and get your soldiers out there (like me!). Plan ahead, and by 2012 maybe the national conversation could be a little more...informed?

Don't worry too much about bipartisanship. Hold out your hand for them, sure. But expect it to be swatted. Until the republicans feel like ACTUALLY discussing issues, actually coming up with real-world solutions, don't let them take control of the discussion. Those of us who know things like tax cuts for millionaires actually INCREASES the deficit can see right through their concers about fiscal responsiblity (laughable!). Democrats are still the adults, as far as I'm concerned.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Politics as usual

Anyways, Keith Olbermann is suspended form MSNBC. Indefinitely, without pay. That sounds pretty scary but apparently there is no indication he will be fired. Because:

1. MSNBC would have to have completely lost their collective minds to fire their highest rated program. Really. Keith's show is the only one who rivals Faux noise. (Not even trying to deny Fox has the highest ratings. They do.)

2. Keith Olbermann's show is an opinion show. It would be hard to argue that he has ever been neutral in any sense of the word. By this same logic, Joe Scarborough, also a host on msnbc, is allowed to donate 3x as much to REPUBLICANS (oh noez!!?!) because his show is labeled "opinion". What?

3. This is all really a ploy to show how MSNBC is different from FOX. Ooohhhkaayy, Phil Griffin. Point made. Bring back Keith. Sign the petition.

Also, Obama's trip to India will not be costing taxpayers 200 mil a day. If you ever heard Michele Bachmann open her mouth and trusted anything that came out, you should probably get your head checked. But just in case:
Another failed factcheck for Ms. Bachman

"Reading it on the internet" doesn't make it true! There are a lot of fun things you can read on the internet. Don't even need to go into that right now. But conservatives seem to think that's enough of a citation, and they can repeat it on national TV. Phil Griffin did you need another reason why MSNBC is different than Fox? You have researchers on the payroll. Zing.

This is insane.And when pressed about it, she replied she had "read it somewhere" and that was enough for the interviewer. Ohhh, you read it somewhere. Did you write it down on your hand and read it there? Oh no, thats Palin's game...

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Way to be a liberal firewall, West Coast!

What a relief.

I mean, I knew she had it. The conservative wave kinda crashed out in the midwest (didn't even reach Colorado, it seems). And WA is notoriously blue. But it's still scary to think that a little voter discontent could send DINO FUCKIN' ROSSI to represent us in the senate for the next six years. I mean, you get a bad representative, just hold on 2 years and they all are up for re-election (remember that, freshman republican congressmen/women). But Senators, they stick around.

And the ads are gone. Holy shit, it's great. I like being able to watch tv without wanting to throw something at it.
Especially since Citizens United, election ads have been particularly annoying to me. Foreign corportations, GTFO our electoral system. Please.

I'll keep an eye on Alaska, but who knows how long that will take. Other than that, I'm glad to see the midterms end. I was spending way more time analyzing polls than any 19 year old girl should.

2012 campaign starts now, I guess. I'm eager to see who the republicans throw out for nominees (Sarah Palin, please). However, I hope campaigning doesn't get in the way of making actual progress. No, Mitch McConnell, you first priority should be getting americans back to work. Not making Obama a "one term president". Yes, he actually said that.

I also want to say: Although I made a point about republicans most likely not being able to get things done, and that playing well for Obama, I don't want them to fail. Shit, if they can't create jobs, more power to them. I don't think they will. But I would never, ever, ever, EVER root for the country to fail simply so the other party would look bad. Because I have diginity/love my country. I would never wish ill will upon it. I'm looking at you, Rush Limbaugh.

Another reason why I want Sarah Palin to run for president is so Tina Fey can bring back the impression she perfected in 2008.
On letterman the other night:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So I guess this is election night..

Forgot about this blog thing. Suck! It's cool though.

I'll admit. I wasn't optimistic about the house. Nancy Pelosi must be slamming her hands on the table with frustration (or maybe her gavel?) as Democrats seemingly refused to run on their accomplishments of the past year and a half. I'd go ahead and list those, but my fingers are tired from posting on facebook all night (read that as, annoying my less-than-political friends with constant updates throughout the night). is a fun little profanity-laden highlight reel of Obama's first 2 years.

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say Pelosi had more balls than anyone else in the democratic leadership. She got things done, and didn't give a shit what anyone thought. TRUE FACTZ.

Having said that, I love Obama. I'll vote for him in 2012. And having the Republicans in control of the house might turn out well for the President's re-election campaign (which, as we know Now the Republicans can be the ones who have to answer to their own obstructionism. I would love to see Mitch McConnells petty attitude bite them right in the ass.

This could be seen as the ramblings of a democrat in denial about the republican wave that just went through. Not so. I realize it was a terrible night for Dems. It happens. Every midterm after a new prez. takes office, actually.

More locally, Tim Eyman. He is a total douche. Like really, what is WRONG with this guy?

Washington is going to have a hard time funding ANYTHING thanks to the fact that now in order to change tax law, state congressmen and women have to find a way to a 2/3 majority. and we saw how well the constant presence of a filibuster worked nationally. ugh ugh ugh. don't even get me started on 1098. the keyword there is "greed".

I'm glad Harry Reid held on. Meaning, i'm glad the tea party found someone batshit crazy enough to lose to Reid, who's approval ratings are embarassingly low. No word on if Angle is going to make "lemonade" out of this situation...that's not funny, nevermind.

Hold on tight, Patty. I'll write about that race tomorrow.

Love, Camille

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Obligatory first post.

I've joined up. Sporadic posts will follow.

Other than that:

Does anyone ever read the terms and conditions? Really?